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Bald Mountain Vineyard

Grapes   Syrah, Chardonnay, Petite Sirah
AVA   Mount Veeder
Elevation   1600 -2000 feet
Soil Types   Goulding Soil-Gravelly Loam
Rootstock   CH-St George, SY-1103P, PS-110R
Clones   CH-Field Selection (clone unknown), SY-clone 1, PS-clone 3
Year Planted   Chard planted as Zin in 1971-Grafted to CH in 1984, SY and PS planted 1998
Farming Practices   Dry Farmed

Saffron Vineyard

Grapes   Cabernet Sauvignon
AVA   Mount Veeder
Elevation   1500 feet
Soil Types   Fractured Shale & Uplifted Marine Sediment
Rootstock   110R
Clones   Clone 337
Year Planted   2000
Acres Planted   14
Farming Practices   Organically farmed

Mountain Cat Vineyard

Grapes   Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot
AVA   Mount Veeder
Elevation   1800-2300 feet
Soil Types   Volcanic
Rootstock   110R
Clones   clone 15, clone 337, Clone 04 (Franc), Clone 400 (PV)
Year Planted   1996
Acres Planted   14
Farming Practices   Organically farmed

Alta Vista Vineyard

Grapes   Zinfandel
AVA   Moon Mountain
Elevation   1250-1400 feet
Soil Types   Tuscan Red Clay Loam & Basalt Soils-Laniger Soil (Sandy Loam)
Rootstock   Zin-St George, PS-110R
Clones   ZIN-Costa Magna clone from Mead Ranch. PS-clone 3
Year Planted   Zin-1997,1999 and 2002, PS-planted 1991-grafted to PS 2004
Farming Practices   Dry-farmed

Kick Ranch Vineyard

Grapes   Grenache, Cinsault, Viognier, Syrah
AVA   Fountain Grove District
Elevation   400 feet
Soil Types   Haire Clay Loam & Volcanic, 470
Rootstock   110R
Clones   GRE-Tablas A, CIN-5BB, VIO-1103P, SY-Heritage and 470
Year Planted   2000
Acres Planted   41 acres
Farming Practices   Sustainably-farmed

Bacigalupi Vineyard

Grapes   Chardonnay
AVA   Russian River Valley
Elevation   92 feet
Soil Types   Rocky Loam and Red Clay under Lament
Rootstock   St George
Clones   Wente
Year Planted   2006
Acres Planted   125 acres
Farming Practices   Conventional

360 Vineyard

Grapes   Cabernet Sauvignon
AVA   Oakville
Elevation   128 feet
Rootstock   101-14
Clones   Clone 15
Year Planted   2012
Acres Planted   57.65
Farming Practices   Conventional

Reuling Vineyard

Grapes   Pinot Noir,Chardonnay
AVA   Sonoma Coast
Elevation   220 feet
Soil Types   Goldridge Soils
Rootstock   Suitcase Rootstock from the Cote de Beaune 
Clones   Clones "R", "L" and Calera
Year Planted   2000
Acres Planted   12.2 acres Pinot, 2.2 acres Chardonnay
Farming Practices   Organically farmed