VGS Goes Green Read More

At VGS we are committed to excellence and to you, and are always looking for ways to deliver a better product.

Additionally, our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint is constantly challenging us to find more eco-friendly ways to operate.

With that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to our new corks from DIAM, a world leader in technological cork closures. Our first bottling with our new DIAM corks is included in the 2021 VGS Chardonnay you are receiving as part of your February allocation.

Our new corks are sustainable, all-natural, and guaranteed to be 100% TCA free; meaning you will never need to risk opening a corked wine again! With our commitment to sustainable practices in mind, we selected corks made with ground cork, beeswax, and plant-based binding agents, whose byproducts are recycled and reused. Unlike punched cork, these corks offer reliable consistency, assuring each bottle ages just the way we envision it to. No more leaky corks or different levels of micro-oxygenation from bottle to bottle! The DIAM manufacturing process ensures that all its closures have the same physical characteristics and guarantees perfect consistency not only on the bottling line, but also in wine ageing.

The cork has always been the last act made by a winemaker, and these corks will ensure that our production team’s work is preserved and enjoyed as intended.