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You can't buy good taste...
but you can buy what tastes good!

VGS Membership allows you to enjoy quarterly allocations of our very limited-production wines. Each shipment is fully customizable to meet your individual preferences.

Membership Levels:

  • Collector’s Club: 12 bottle allocation per shipment (Reds Only option available)
  • Connoisseur’s Club: 6 bottle allocation per shipment (Reds Only option available)
  • Club VGS: 4 bottle allocation per shipment

VGS guests have the opportunity to become part of our Membership Family when visiting the Tasting House & Garden in St. Helena. If you are unable to visit us in person, please join our Membership Waiting List and we will contact you as soon as space becomes available. 

Shipment Schedule: February, April, September & November

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Host a Tour de America!

Each year, VGS hits the road for 20 Tour de America tastings…to you, our best customers! As loyal club members, you are clearly “in the know” to the virtues and benefits of having VGS in your lives. So, why not have a party and invite your fellow wine loving friends (albeit a little less knowledgeable than you☺) to your home to introduce them to the secret VGS philosophy and wines.

We will fly to your town luggage’s full of wine and share an unforgettable evening together with you and your friends. All you have to do is provide the location, put together a group of wino’s who need VGS in their cellars (instead of constantly drinking yours) and any food you wish to serve.

Sounds like fun right? Trust us, after hosting over 200 of these events over the years, they are a lot of fun!

To express interest in hosting an event please contact your Membership Director, Megan Raphael at

Host a Tour de America

Release Calendar

February 4: First Quarter Allocation Release

April 29: Second Quarter Allocation Release

September 9: Third Quarter Allocation Release

November 11: Fourth Quarter Allocation Release


The GEMS program…
An added benefit to our members!

Over the years we have developed very special relationships with a handful of our wine country friends.

With a shared admiration for each other’s wines and experiences, we contemplated, “If we love these wineries and the wines they produce, why wouldn’t our customers love them?” Thus GEMS was born.

The program gives you enhanced benefits by providing exclusive rewards and opportunities at other celebrated, family-owned wineries. There is no cost to be a GEMS member – just benefits!

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