Make some VGS happen in your home
Host your own Roadshow event.

Here at VGS Chateau Potelle, we know that we would not be in business if it was not for the loyalty of our customers who, over the years, honored us with their trust and introduced more loyal customers to VGS.

The VGS Tour de America is our way to come visit YOU and say ‘Thank You’ for helping our business grow organically with the right customers: your friends.  You invite the group of friends that you know will be happy to discover, through you, Chateau Potelle and we show up with the VGS wines and the entertainment/education. 

The format is, well, as you want!  We begin with a sit-down tasting with Jean-Noel.  Following that, some of our friends prefer to make a sit down dinner; others prefer a BBQ or an afternoon cocktail party or surprise us!  We’ve had intimate groups of 22 people going up to 50 people.  It is your party, but the wine is on us!

Put simply, we take our “VGS Chateau” on the road  and we bring Napa Valley to you and your friends!

If you are interested in hosting a VGS Roadshow, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!