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12 states, 19 hosts, 602 attendees,
& 553 bottles of VGS tasted =
a Very Good Showing.
Walt and Darci B
Minnesota, Minneapolis
The land of 10,000 lakes welcomed VGS in style! Our long time friends and supporters, Walt and Darci, extended their remarkable hospitality to introduce their friends to VGS Chateau Potelle. After enjoying the local Walleye Pike for lunch and an afternoon on the shooting range with Walt, the master marksman, we were all ready for a glass...or 4...of VGS! All 22 guests had a VGS time!
Steve B. and Michael B.
Oregon, Portland
VGS invaded "The City of Roses" and Pinot Noir country for our first stop on the 2010 VGS Road Show and what a way to kick off the festivities! A wonderful sit down dinner catered by one of Portland's very best chefs, 14 guests...28 bottles of VGS. I guess they were not in a mood for Pinot Noir that night! Grande soiree!
Bob and Patti L.
Ohio, Cincinnati
"The Queen City" threw a Royal Party for its King: VGS! Bob and Patti, who have been friends and very active supporters since 1992, had 70 friends over and boy did these friends show their LOVE for VGS! An outdoor sit down wine tasting, followed by a grand buffet and more wine. We made so many new club members that evening. Another party that finished in the wine cellar! Thank you guys!
Rob and Sheri N.
Washington, Redmond
VGS partied with our NW friends and we rocked the house! 40 young and beautiful people made for a very lively group. Rob and Sheri really know how to have fun: lots of VGS, delicious food and a private concert by the country band, Cloverdayle. VGS Chardonnay goes really well with their music!
Scott and Raelene H.
Alaska, Anchorage
VGS gets some Northern Exposure in the land of the midnight sun. 28 friends all around the big kitchen counter enjoying delicious Alaskan specialties...and a lot of ambiance! Now we can testify moose jerky and moose mousse make a great pairing for VGS. Well done!
Duane and Mary G.
Alaska, Anchorage
WOW...our hosts really put on a show for us. 12 great friends, 24 bottles of VGS and a lot of orders. What a dinner! 8 inventive and perfectly prepared courses...unbelievable! One of the very best dinners we ever had in a private home. Thanks guys! We even had the visit from the "pet" that's entertainment!
Michael and Nancy H.
Washington, Bothell
After touring Washington's wine country (and purchasing plenty of wine), it was time for VGS to shine and shine it did! The 26 guests seemed to have enjoyed Nancy's food and the wine...well, they stayed until 2AM! It's always the same: food + wine + company is the magic combination!
Don and Trish M.
Illinois, Chicago
A very beautiful evening, elegant and delicious, and our first stop with the RV appropriately called "The Chateau"! 36 people, great appetizers, a lot of ambiance, and so many new customers...three of them coming with Jean-Noel to Bordeaux next September! At 1AM, we were still in the kitchen rebuilding the world. Nobody wanted to leave!
Tom and Barb F.
Iowa, Des Moines
The Land of the Rolling Prairie sure loves their VGS! they should. Thanks to Tom and Barb and the staff at Django for a memorable and fun evening!
Jim and Dorothy H.
Minnesota, Minneapolis
Great hosts, friends of the winery for a long time...since 1992! There were 33 guests around 3 beautiful tables. The sit-down tasting first followed by great food prepared by the in-house "chefs" resulted in another winning event! A wonderful event where VGS did its it me or do these people really know how to enjoy?
Tom and Becky M.
Missouri, St. Louis
VGS enters through the Gateway to the West in style with our chariot "The Chateau"! Thank you Tom & Becky for your warm welcome, a delicious tasting and dinner and a nice even driveway. What a difference sleeping on a level ground makes!
Michel and Becky P.
Indiana, Indianapolis
What a great evening with some of my oldest friends...our VGS veterans still know how to do it with style! Thanks to Gary, Lana, Michel, and Becky for all their wonderful friendship and support over the years. How many parties, both in Indianapolis and at the winery, did we have together in 25 years that we did not like? I guess we should try harder!
Chateau Potelle Indy Reunion
Indiana, Indianapolis
VGS wins and takes the checkered flag in The Racing Capital of the World with all our INDY family! We are racing fans at Chateau Potelle and we love every one of these people! A lot of fun happens when you combine one-part old friends with one-part new friends and two-parts VGS!
Steve and Marla K.
Iowa, Des Moines
Not even threats of tornadoes can stop VGS from having a great time! While the skies darkened and the winds stirred, Steve and Marla were busily preparing a wonderful sit-down tasting and buffet dinner and all the guest showed up. Now that's VGS commitment! Steve, do you still have some of you homemade beef jerky and Bloody Mary mix? That stuff was good!
Blake and Kathy C. and Family
Nebraska, Lincoln
73 people gathered at the country club and VGS was so happy to participate in the wonderful event. Our friends, Kathy and Blake, and their whole family are making a difference in this world. To learn more and to support this important cause, please visit:
Midland Texas Wine Society
Texas, Midland
Veni, Vidi, Vici! What a nice group...I mean LIVELY! We had a grand time in this windy land. That's a wine group that enjoys wine for sure!...and each others company as well. Thanks guys!
K and D P.
Tennessee, Nashville
Music City USA hits a high note with VGS on Halloween! Trick or Treat...well this one was all treat! Starting with Clarisse's birthday the night before enjoying all 1978 wines. Then over 100 people (and 100 bottles!) were treated to a grand garden party evening of VGS paired with a delicious dinner from Nashville's hot restaurant, Giovanni's. That's not too scary, is it?
Bill and Elaine J.
Texas, Austin
Hook 'em VGS! 18 people there for a late afternoon sit-down tasting in that beautiful and hilly part of Texas. The service of the food that followed was all home prepared and super delicious. Very nice ambiance and friendly group that sure knows how to swallow some VGS!
Jim and Charlie S.
Texas, Dallas
Yee-haw! VGS is always bigger in Texas! Family ambiance around the table for the tasting and then pizza. VGS goes with everything: it's a style and and attitude; quality without pretention!