Honor Your Senses

Life is a special thing to celebrate! At Chateau Potelle we do not miss a chance and see all reasons beyond a milestone or a calendar date to celebrate together!

We are grateful for the wonderful life we live….Oh yes, like everyone, we have had our shares of challenges -- it’s life after all -- but despite these, we are lucky to have been raised in France, moved to Napa Valley 30 years ago, built a successful business and made countless loyal customers who have become close friends across the United States.

The commemorative wines are produced, in very limited quantity, especially to celebrate these moments and this gratitude. Joy from our hearts to YOUR palates! They are also our way to say:

Thank you!

00VGS Wooden 4 Pack

Our customized wood box contains one bottle each of VGS Chardonnay, VGS Zinfandel, VGS Syrah and VGS Cabernet Sauvignon. This beautiful boxed set is the ideal gift for your wine-loving friends and family.

00VGS Gift Set - Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon

This beautiful gift set gives you a great taste of our VGS Chardonnay and VGS Cabernet Sauvignon and is stunning to the eye! This is a great gift to anyone, including yourself!

00All About Reds

Love red wine? This is for you! With one bottle each of VGS Zinfandel, VGS Cabernet Sauvignon and VGS Explorer The Illegitimate (a wine we would go to jail for in France!), you enjoy fun blends and great mountain fruit varietals that will make your palate sing!